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TWILIGHT ( Apart )


Dreaming star ( bronze ) 2003.12 110*50*35cm


TWILIGHT (bronze, detail) 2000.9 80*40*50cm

Dreaming star ( Apart )

Famous Poet --Bai Hua

Sculpture is an art form that is both hard work and elaborate, both classical and modern. It is always physically, mentally and emtionally demanding.

Sculptor Jenny Xie improvises every piece she creates, like the first draft of poetry, or singing without a score.

She treasures every leaf that was carved with different stories in mind.

She shows her sympathy to the"Comfort Woman"£®the women who were brought to the battle field by the invaders during the war£©,for they have only the pain and bitterness left after their souls and blood were taken out.

She sculpts busts of a wide variety of people because she is good at taking the first impression,and portraying the character and spirit of that person.

Her success is the reward of her industriousness and artwork and her life's trek.


Self portrait 2001 50*60*40cm


longing(bronze) 90*40*30cm


COMFORT WOMAN (bronze, detail) 2001




KONG YI JI (Detail)
( A character from from the work of
the famous writer Lu Xun's novel 2002 120*40*30cm )





(175*40*50cm) 2002


THE NUDE(wood)25*30cm 1992





SEARCHING(wood)50*15*15cm 1981


LAMENT OVER DEATH (bronze) 50*40*30cm 2001


LIVE DEATH(60*70*30cm) 1994


IF I KNEW IT WOULD BE(120*40*30cm) 1994




LISTENING(120*50*40CM) 1993


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